Christianity And...

  • March 13: Christianity and… Environmentalism

  • April 3: Christianity and… Transgenderism

  • April 17: Christianity and… Intolerance

Christianity and…” is a series of talks sponsored by the Greenbelt Baptist Church. The goal of this series is a thoughtful discussion about the relationship between Christianity and important topics for the world today.

When Christianity is brought up in the media today, the discussion often focuses on Christian positions that are at odds with mainstream society. This presentation of Christianity is unfortunate because it makes Christianity more about discrete positions, whereas Christianity is really a system of truth that revolves around the person and work of Jesus Christ. The intellectual life of a Christian is less about taking the right positions, and more about seeing all of life through Christ-centered glasses.

The goal of the series is to present Christianity as a system of truth and show how this system engages with important topics. We welcome Christians who are members of different churches to listen and participate in the discussion.

We also hope that this series will be of interest to people of other faiths or no faith at all. Christianity is an important religious system, with thousands of years of intellectual energy behind it. Whether or not you agree with Christianity, you might find that you are challenged to think differently about a topic when you see that topic in light of Christianity. You might also find that Christianity makes more sense when looked at as a system of truth, rather than isolated positions. So, if you come from another faith or no faith at all, you are welcome to attend. We look forward to entertaining your questions!

After each speaker presents, we will open the floor for questions. Afterword, we hope you will stay for light refreshments.

All talks are on Wednesday evenings, starting at 7:30 PM.

Topics and tentative dates for Spring 2019: